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This is a brilliant website and mobile phone app to refer your friends to. It has a section where they can view one short video clip a day – for 10 days.

Day 1... Christian faith – a relationship with a God you cannot see.
Day 2... The Bible – learning about a God you cannot see.
Day 3... Prayer – talkinbg to a God you cannot see.
Day 4... Church – having friends on the same journey.
Day 5... Faith that triumphs life's storms.
Day 6... Holiness – the call to live differently.
Day 7... Love – the call to live for others.
Day 8... Mission – a real purpose for life.
Day 9... Keeping it real.
Day 10... Success – it's in completeing the race.

Then there's a section called Fath Q+A, each short video clip answers a question that many people ask about Christianity, and does so in a way that is relevant and easy to understand.

Questions such as...

Could all roads lead to God?
Is it enough to just be sincere?
How is Christianity different from other religions? 
Why does God allow suffering?
...and many more!

There's also a section called Stories, which shows the stories of everyday New Zealanders who have journeyed through trial to experience triumph. They testify to the p;romise of 'hope' that's available to us all. Wayne Curham, from Living Waters Christian Centre, has his story there.

To check out the website click here