In ‘The Christchurch Revivalists 1850-1930’ the wonderful unique, rich, but buried, spiritual history of our city is uncovered. The front cover shows the memorial stone where the first Wesleyan born again believers, who arrived on the first four ships, settled. It was on that spot that Mary Quaife opened the first Sunday school to reach the many children who had temporarily settled in Hagley Park. Read about:

· Mary Quaife’s royal decree and how this put a religious spirit to flight.

· Christchurch’s part in blessing the healing revival that spread across USA from 1890.

· Christchurch’s first martyr.

· A talented painter who gave it all up to spread the gospel in India.

· A prophetic evangelist from Bundaberg who impacted the city with the message of the baptism in the Holy Spirit that prepared the way for the Smith Wigglesworth campaign. Her prophetic word in California later directed AC Valdez to come to Australasia that resulted in significant revivals.

· A church set on fire by the Wigglesworth campaign.

· A healing mission in the Cathedral that had 300 workers and prayer for 2,500 people.

· A most over-subscribed evangelistic meeting where 6,000 hungry people were left out on the street on a cold winter’s night because they couldn’t all fit into the town hall.

· The faith of a Baptist woman who God virtually raised from the dead.

The Christchurch Revivals 1850-1930 is 70 pages, A4 landscape, softcover.

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