In the biography section of ‘Whatever Wherever’, read how Haydn Hutton felt called by the Lord to go to India. The first 4 ½ years were fraught with extreme difficulty including contracting tuberculosis and hepatitis A and a lockdown in a small village in Andhra Pradesh that lasted between 2 and 3 years. In his second 4 ½ year term, he had to flee to another city because a top policeman from Delhi was hunting him down. They thought he was a CIA spy. While contemplating his dire situation, he decided to put everything in the Lord’s hands and dared to say to God: ‘Whatever You want me to do; Wherever You want me to go.’ At that very moment there was a knock at the door and this led to Haydn praying for a young Hindu man, Sundar, who Haydn thought was in a coma. But, he was actually dead and in Hell.

As Haydn laid his hand on the Sundar’s head, he prayed in a loud voice that the whole hospital ward could hear: ‘Lord Jesus, show these people that you are the true God and heal this young man now.’ As Haydn had prayed, Sundar had an encounter with Jesus and was totally healed. After that, many in the hospital wanted prayer. The Lord granted Haydn an open door and unusual favour. He would even go to pray for people in intensive care and while they were being operated on. Sometimes whole wards would come to Jesus. Why did Haydn have an open door and such unusual favour? As you will read in the book, part of the reason was the intercession of a missionary in Taiwan, Carol Wilson. God had taught her ‘hands to war’ and as well as impacting a new generation for Jesus in Taiwan, for 15 years she prayed for Haydn. Often she would pray at times to match his schedule even though she was in another time zone.

‘Whatever Wherever’ also has 60 devotional Biblical meditations written by Haydn. Many people have testified that these have blessed them over the 40 year period they were written.

Whatever Wherever is 309 pages A5 softcover, and costs $25.00

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