There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved...


Hospitality Team
If food is a passion or you just love to serve, join us to help with special events, church lunches and the like.

Sunday Door Team
Help to welcome people and make coming to LWCC a great experience for regulars as well as new people.

Monitor the foyer and car park during meetings.

Car Park Attendants
Welcome people as they arrive and get to wear a Hi Vis vest!

Help make the meetings run smoothly.

Information Desk
On Sundays and at special events.

Graphic Design
Opportunities on a project by project basis to creatively present information.

Help capture the moments.

Love making things happen or organising things...maybe you are an ideas person.

Children's Ministry
Our children are our treasure, so we take special care with those who want to help in these areas. There is an application process to join these great teams...please contact the church office or the Children's Ministry leader if you are interested.

Worship Team
Help people connect with God in worship as a musician or singer.

Youth Band

Making things sparkle!

Media Team
Help us get the good news out through camera operation, video editing, live streaming.

Projection Team
If you are tech savvy or you want to learn!

Have you got the ear? Do you love technology? Help create the right sound environment for services and other events.

Gruuve Team
Music and movement for littlies on Thursday mornings during the term times.

Community Outreach Team
Join with others in sharing the love and power of Jesus in the community.

Prayer Chain
A confidential text and phone network that prays into needs in the church.

Meals "Made with Love"
Sometimes a home cooked meal is just the love a person needs. Maybe you would like to make a meal for our freezer to bless someone during a bereavement, sickness, or just when life is tough.

Just go to the form below, fill in your contact details, tick which areas of involvement you are interest in finding out more about, and one of our team will be in contact with you to explore the possibilities further.