These are real life situations where people's lives have been transformed by the love and power of Jesus!

We are privileged to be able to partner with Fantail Studios in bringing you these amazing stories of some of our church family members.

Check out them out and share them with your friends. God's love and power is available to help you in your situation, too.

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Luke Bowler

Drugs, addiction and prison. Everything was about to change.

Murray Groves

Supernaturally transported from one place to another – set free from addiction and delivered from an evil spirit – Murray Groves shares how He met Jesus.

Anne Morrow

Check out this inspiring testimony of trusting in God's goodness when things don't look good. Anne Morrow is an amazing woman of God and a true pioneer in God's family.

Hayden Stuart

After a major head injury which should have killed him, Hayden miraculously recovers.