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During the current traffic light settings, below is how our Sunday Gatherings will be run. We are not requiring vaccine passports to attend any gatherings.

In order to continue with being able to welcome vaxed and unvaxed alike, we will be following the requirements of the 50 person limit in our available on-site spaces. Each space has it's own entrance along with it's own toilet facilities.

Our extra spaces will have live feeds of what is happening in the big tent, and your own venue host & ministry team. Each space + assigned facilities will have its own identification of colour so it's clear where to go. 

You will be directed to a gathering area when you arrive. As each area fills up we will open up a new gathering area. Please follow the directions of our venue hosts and team, patience and understanding as we navigate facilitating our gatherings is appreciated.

When you arrive...

  • Follow the directions of our friendly car park crew, our carpark will now be operating as a one way system. They will show you where to go.
  • Thanks for signing in to the area where you are directed and keeping in your gathering area.
  • Please use the facilities indicated by the colour of the area you are gathering in. We have colour coded them to hopefully make things easy, you will find the colour on the door as you come in.

We are family...and we look forward to gathering together as family and worshiping our amazing God.

The links for the live stream to join us online are below.

God bless and see you Sunday either in person or online