Welcome to Living Waters Christian Centre!

We are people who have discovered wholeness, purpose, hope and peace through Jesus Christ. We want that for you, too!

We are a New Life church that has been based in the Halswell area since 1979.

Our mission is to love and serve God by serving our community, building relationships with God and each other and helping one another to reach our full potential in God.


Who Are We?

A Family

We are not a business, we are not a corporation...we are a family, where each person is valued for who they are and are free to be who they are. We belong to our heavenly Father and to each other, and in that place of belonging we celebrate each other's uniqueness, encourage each other, and help each other grow.

We are also a training and sending hub, focused on equipping and empowering people for life and ministry. As each of us have been impacted and changed by the love and power of Jesus, we are growing in our ability to share that with others in a way that is relevant and easy to receive. People are regularly sent out from here to share the good news, both in New Zealand and around the globe. 

Training happens in several ways – through our Sunday services, Connect Groups, special interest groups, seminars, training schools and conferences.

We are a prophetic people – ones who hear from God and share the good things that He says with individuals, groups and nations. We minister from both the love of God and Word of God, seeking to bring freedom wherever we go.

We have experienced the transformative power of prayer. We believe in, and regularly see, the power of God at work, especially in areas of salvation, healing and bringing freedom.

Our History

Living Waters Christian Centre (formerly Halswell New Life) was planted as an autonomous New Life church in Feb 1990. Pastors Leo & Suzanne Hansen were the first pastors of this autonomous work and handed the leadership to Janet & Wesley Chambers in Feb 1992.

In 1996 after receiving clear vision & instruction from God, the name was changed to Living Waters Christian Centre.

The vision given in 1996 directed us to purchase land on the corner of Dunbars & Halswell Rd for the express purpose of developing an Apostolic Worship Centre that would impact the nation & nations.

The purchase was made in 2003 exactly 7 years to the day of the vision given. Since the 2011 earthquakes we have been meeting on the land and establishing the apostolic base.

Our intention is to build a new facility on our land as God has shown.

A Vision Regarding Our Future