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As we have progressed through this year, I look back at a very significant Behold, The Awakening Conference that we held in February 2021. It was a convergence of several “fathers in the faith” that are New Zealand Ministries, with long track records of fruitful ministry.  People who have stood their ground, been faithful to the call and sown the Gospel consistently over decades.

There is something very powerful afoot, I am seeing a convergence of streams, forming a significant river, a river of the Spirit of God which will be unstoppable and is full of Kingdom Life . Over the last several months, in various settings, I am hearing of and seeing profound restoration of vital relationships, which have the potential to be powerful doorways of blessing in the Church at large and the Nation. These things are all a part of the “Awakening” and the “New Era” which is giving us 20/20Vision and will result in something truly awesome to “Behold”. 

I am full of anticipation of the days we have entered, days for walking close with Holy Spirit, growing deeper in the knowledge of our “in Christ” identity, which is our true and eternal identity. These are days for our roots to go deep into the Love of God, to be planted well in the House of the Lord, and strongly linked in the Father's Family .

With the world in turmoil, the anxiety in people’s hearts is at a heightened level, so many now are asking big questions about life and our meaning, our value, our why, our where to from here.We, of all people, are connected to the great answers to all of these questions. We have Jesus, the Way, the Truth , and the Life, the very doorway to the Father, our creator, the giver of all meaning, value, purpose and in knowing Him, eternal life itself. 

I am convinced many are hungering for true spiritual encounter: encounter with God Himself. Gone are the days when people are satisfied with a form of religion, and mere ceremony, or just a clever message. People are hungry for authenticity, genuine people who have actually met God, people who have a story of what He has done in their lives and their family.

We are a people who want to introduce seeking people to the Lord, to Holy Spirit, not just to be introduced to us. More and more I want people to encounter God, not just me, for them to be radically captivated by the Love and Goodness of our Father.People are so over fake news, they want the real, the Good News, the truly great news. We are a people who will live and speak this truly great news, through our testimonies, our teaching, our preaching, and how we live and relate together. The darkness is getting darker, but how bright the light is, how bright is the Truth that is transforming us, people are coming to the light. Jesus said “I am the light” and in another place “you are the light of the world”.

The urgency to equip God’s people for their works of ministry is so upon me, I was delighted with our first Freedom Now, School of Deliverance. It achieved much of what I had envisaged, and once again facilitated teaching and impartation from a significant apostolic father in our nation, Apostle Mike Connell. Mike's input, along with the other ministries that ministered, imparted a significant equipping deposit into the lives of a number of pastors, leaders and people from up and down the Nation. This is another dimension of our mandate as a church, so expect other schools to be developed as we equip saints and workers for the harvest, which is truly great.

 As we look forward:·     

  • We continue to press ahead with the permanent building programme and associated issues.·     
  • We look to increase our Connect Groups, for meaningful fellowship, connection and belonging.·     
  • We continue to press into His Presence with praise, genuine worship, prophetic declaration and openness to His moving among us.·     
  • We continue to build a profound sense of family, where God can entrust his sons and daughters, and set the solitary into a family.·     
  • We peruse the full revelation of all that is ours in the Kingdom of God and the full realization of His inheritance in us, for the glory of His Name.·     
  • We seek after the lost, minister His love, His gifts and His word, to see the greatest harvest of people for the Kingdom of God, and in our generation.·     
  • We seek to mobilize people into their assignments. Assignments the Lord has for each of us in these days of His power.


Be connected, be engaged, be willing, be yielded to the Lord, for He will do wonders among us.

God Bless you as we journey together 


Pastor Wesley Chambers