First following Jesus

We are SO excited that you've decided to follow Jesus and develop a relationship with Him!

It is the most important, life-changing decision you will ever make.

Here are some great resources to help get you started on this amazing journey...

Check out our Discovery Group

if you want to learn more about how to develop a relationship with Jesus

Please email the LWCC office at if you'd like to link in with one of these groups.

YouVersion Bible App

This is an incredible App that you can have on your phone or tablet that includes 

  • Different versions of the Bible
  • Reading plans that enable you to explore different topics in the Bible
  • Verses and video clips that give you great input on issues like Love, Hope, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Peace, Fear Stress etc
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Check out this Reading Plan in your YouVersion Bible App

1 topic a day for your first 3 weeks

This is a great introduction to your new relationship with Jesus.

You can watch a short video clip of the content, read it, or listen to it on audio.

You can read the Bible verses it refers to and dig in more depth if you want to.

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10 Sessions to help you start your relationship with Jesus

Each session has 2 short video clips, some Bible verses, and some questions you can think about yourself, talk about with another Christian, or discuss in a small group.

The topics are: God, The Bible, Prayer, Church, Faith, Holiness, Love, Mission, Keeping it real, and Success, and these sessions are all created by Kiwis.

You can download the App on your phone or tablet, or you can access them via a web page.

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Check out these video stories of everyday New Zealanders
who have journeyed through trial to experience triumph.

They experienced the hand of God holding them
and their stories have a ripple effect and touch the lives of others.

Check out their stories!
In Depth Bible Study

The Purple Book covers 12 topics in 54 lessons, giving a very solid foundation of Biblical understanding for the new Christian.

Contact the office at if you'd like to do this study.