Renewal Massage (Simone Rikustad)

Providing quality therapeutic massage in a caring, professional space. I offer a peaceful and safe environment, am trained and dedicated to helping each client. I thrive to provide effective, results-focused care to support the individual needs of each client. Aiming to further their health and wellbeing. Book online through my website. Email or call for more information.

Appointments Address: Unit 4/3 Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell, Ōtautahi 8025, New Zealand
In the Southern Chiropractic Building - Behind Mike Pero & Stevies Cafe
Ph: 022 423 0943
Hours: Tuesdays 2pm - 8pm / Thursdays 8am - 11.30am / Fridays 1.30pm - 8pm

Postnatal Depletion Recovery Program (Pearl McNeil)

My Kingdom Impact is to help sleep deprived Mum's go from exhausted to energised in 12 weeks so they can enjoy the journey and have fun again, by reversing postnatal depletion! I also offer an on-site or mobile massage service, called Mum2Mum Mobile Massage, with a focus on relaxation and stress release. To find out more about what I offer and to take the Sleep Deprivation survey.. See my website and reach out to have a chat. I'm happy to help!